Sundar Pichai opened Google GDC 2019’s Gaming Announcement, with him describing how, although he plays FIFA and Ashes Cricket, he isn’t a big gamer. However, he said that he’s privileged to work in a team full of enthusiastic gamers.

Google has been testing its abilities to create a powerful gaming platform. “We only succeed when our partners do”, Pichai said. Google’s next big effort is to build a game platform for everyone. Be it Android, Chrome or AI, Google is “dead serious” to making technology accessible to everyone.

“Instantly enjoyable with access to everyone”, Pichai commented further.

Introducing Stadia from Google
Google Stadia Controller Announcement – GDC 2019
Stadia GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

When Will Stadia Arrive?

Stadia will be launching this year. More information on Stadia will be revealed this Summer.

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