Outpost studio in Montreal : With there first studio in Bournemouth Outpost has announced the launch of there first international studio in Montreal, Canada.

A per Duncan McWilliam, Founder and CEO,  “In response to the ongoing boom in highly-creative HETV and film projects, the time felt absolutely right to open another Outpost facility to continue to provide exceptional service to our clients and satisfy demand,”

VFX Producer Becca Scott has joined Outpost as Head of Production for North America and is heading up the new studio in Montreal. Before joining Outpost she was working with MPC as a Associate Executive Producer.

VFX Supervisor James Rustad. A seasoned creative lead with extensive experience at the highest levels of creature work, James was most recently at Double Negative. Some of his most well-known supervisory roles were on Wonder Woman and The Revenant, and he helped bring many iconic creatures to life for the Harry Potter series as an artist.

About outpost

Outpost is a VFX team built on a foundation of getting the right people and offering them a trusting and supportive environment to work in, empowering us to deliver astonishing visual effects for film, high-end TV and creative projects.

Outpost Bournemouth:[email protected]

Outpost Montréal[email protected]

Why Montreal:

With its generous film tax relief system, supportive government and incredible visual effects talent base, Montreal is one of the most exciting location for VFX studio’s.

Montreal and Quebec City are recognized for their highly qualified, talented, creative, and performing digital-arts workforce,  With almost then 50 visual-effects and animation companies, Montreal is one of the world’s largest post production hub.Quebec offers advantageous rebates, some of the best in North America:

  • 20% cash-back for all expenses;
  • 16% bonus on all CGI and green screen shots;
  • No minimum amount spent, no cap.

To know the list of studios based in Montreal, Canada, click HERE.

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