Overall VFX Supervisor (and Head of Studio, PXO Vancouver) Matthew Welford

PXO Vancouver Team: Producer: Jenne Guerra Senior CG Supervisor: Prapanch Swamy Comp Supervisor: John Cairns Animation Director: Eric Prebende.

* Vancouver created thehero cougar – Big Kitten – for the 7-month cub and adult stages, along with the CG Bella and Coyotes.

PXO Toronto Team: VFX Supervisor: Miheala Orzea VFX Producer: Paul King CG Supervisor: Sungjune Kim Comp Supervisor: Karen Cheng Animation Supervisor: Steve Hong *Toronto created the Cougar Cub, Kittens, Baby Bella Puppy, Squirrel, Eagle, Rabbit.

PXO Previs Supervisor: Paul Lee

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